Note: posted on July 2017: Bookings will restart after fulfilment of Rules & Regulations setforth by RERA

Introducing PurpleBrick Sapphire, a captivating integrated layout, with fascinating and compelling qualities. Wake up to a birdsong, go for morning walks without fear, read the newspaper without disturbance, these may sound like a dream today, but they don't have to be. Welcome to PurpleBrick Sapphire - a private world which is both vibrant and comforting. A layout with an impeccable air of exclusivity. A property lifestyle suited for the physically active and the socially conscious.

The property also includes PurpleBrick Sapphire - Harmonia, a gated community having 25+ acres of villa plots & villas, an offering that goes in sync with the philosophy of an ideal integrated layout. Harmonia has provisions to feature club house, jogging tracks, badminton courts and swimming pools to synchronize with PurpleBrick Sapphire's tennis courts, coordinated sports activities, games and tournaments, as well as exclusive use of all the amenities.

Some of the reasons to invest in the integrated layout - PurpleBrick Sapphire:


Appropriately named PurpleBrick Sapphire, the layout as it is, express the feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty: feelings which belong to qualities that prove their worth in the long term, feelings of composure, mutual understanding and indestructible trust. Thus the layout symbolizes everything that is constant and reliable.

Although the perception exist that villas and integrated layouts are expensive, PurpleBrick Sapphire actually come in many price brackets to suit your needs. Discover the splendour and invest to reap the benefits of this layout. This layout property is also attractive for investors seeking a developed social infrastructure in Mysore.


Multitude of Features and Benefits to effect the right choice.

Some of the reasons to invest in the Proposed Layout - PurpleBrick Sapphire:

Very reasonably priced for its location benefits

Optimized choice of plot dimensions, plans and options

Close proximity to Central Business District, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure corridor, other developed MUDA & Layouts and proposed commercial parks

Buy as much land as you can afford, because land is one resource which cannot be further produced. Our knowledge based land offerings enable you to leverage on opportunities which may not be feasible as time elapses due to price escalations. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity. Make the right choice.