PurpleBrick Leadership Team.
Inspiring and motivating by example.

PurpleBrick is lucky to have exceptional people as their leaders. They are like master craftsmen, continually shaping and polishing their characters and personalities and evolving into people both inspiring and motivational.

Jagannath V - Chief Mentor & Advisor

Eminent Industrialist and realty advisor, Jagannath is the guiding light of PurpleBrick from even prior to its inception. Jagannath's fame transcends borders and he has been recognized and felicitated for his contributions by the erstwhile Vice President of India and later Acting President of India Mr. B. D. Jatti in 1975.

At 71, he is still an active realty advisor and enthusiast. He is an expert land banker with 50+ years of realty sector expertise. His prior expertise include Industrial knowledge in the areas of consumable products, industrial plastic products, exports and imports


Jagannath even today believes in leading by example and his zest for an active life is infectious. At PurpleBrick in Jagannath, we see leadership as the ability to uplift and inspire people to perform at their best by becoming role models, by setting examples and standards to others. His style of motivational leadership is based on living a life that is so admirable that others want to be like him. He is the kind of person who never cared for position power - the power that comes with a job title or a position in any organization. Instead he believes in the power you attract to yourself by the kind of person you have become. He is a great inspirational leader owing to his impeccable character and personality.

Balaji Babu (BE, MBA) - Chief Promoter

Balaji has 18+ years of combined experience in Real Estate and IT/ITES sectors, across varied disciplines including strategy, planning, operations, and program management in delivering complex projects around the globe. He has extensive management experience across various industry domains. Prior to establishment of PurpleBrick Properties LLP, he was working with Infosys. His exposure to local and international cultures, has been instrumental in the kind of work culture and authority, he embodies.

Balaji has a unique ability in identifying land for development and investment purposes with a futuristic vision. Balaji has pioneered innovative investment models and successfully carried out land banking in various parts of Bangalore for over 8 years now. Balaji's land banking line of business has real estate assets under management spread across Bangalore. Some of these are currently being developed by leading real estate developers in a Business to Business arrangement for apartment and villa Projects.

Balaji, as a leader strives towards excellence through innovations. In the digital age it is vital for a company to keep abreast of the changes taking place around it and to adopt those changes that might help the company do its work better. He is more than just a decision maker. He has the rare and precious ability to make a disparate group act as a single unit to produce the desired result. Balaji believes in being transparent and straight forward in his business endeavours and he consistently delivers quality results within stipulated timelines.

Krishna Kumar (B'Sc, DCS, MBA) - Head of Operations

Krishna, a self-admitted workaholic has robust experience in managing and delivering various types of large scale projects spanning multiple countries. He also has extensive direct experience in IT and manufacturing sector which stands him in good stead. His exposure to international cultures, local business knowledge, and extensive travel has moulded him into a unique leadership material.

Krishna's style of leadership includes asking questions, listening carefully, planning diligently and then building consensus among all those necessary for achieving the goals. He is the type of leader who gets things done by helping others to help themselves. And, he in-turn consistently does what others expect him to do.