PurpleBrick - a real estate developer who offers you the simplicity of a good life.

PurpleBrick is a brand built on the core values of trust, integrity and beliefs backed by a promise of extended service, security and potential. We provide you with not just the best real estate options or to invest in to the future. But a feeling of experiencing more, a feeling made richer by the simplicity that all good things bring to bear. A promise of a happier tomorrow.

PurpleBrick is a new generation real estate brand, quite unlike any. PurpleBrick Properties LLP and group firms is a Bangalore based, rapidly growing realty group of firms involved in land banking, layout development, development of villas, row housing, apartments, etc. We are registered with relevant Government Agencies and Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India.

Started by a group of like-minded individuals, we embrace the enterprising spirit of the new India. The key promoters are passionate, committed leaders who share a common goal, to accelerate the success of everyone associated with our company, including our clients, support staff and business partners. Service, expertise and community form the core of who we are. These guide how we live and work, helping us create memorable experiences for our clients and improve the life of everyone we touch. The key promotors come from a family of Agriculturalists, educated business professionals with varied business backgrounds and possess a combined, industrial management/deliverable experience of more than 120 years. Including Professional Services, Consulting, Trading, Manufacturing, Cross-geo enterprise level SW/IT Products & Services and Fund management. Since our services are guided by shared values, we as a team perform at a higher level, creating lasting personal connections among our clients and all the customers we serve. We strive to create positive, memorable experiences both in business outcomes and in personal interactions.

The group holdings has grown from an approximate market value of 2 crores during 2010 to a humble market base 80 times more than the initial group holding value (estimated projection as of Mid-2015 when current holdings are fully developed and sold) and continues to add stakeholders at a rapid phase and have seen exponential growth in B2B segment. The reason behind this is our approach, our work ethics, made of integrity & transparency. However, we think that success is measured not just by Profits. We pride ourselves on building and sharing expertise in order to create success for our clients and our people. Our passion for continuously expanding our knowledge base enables us to take a fresh and inventive approach to everything we do.

We have ambitious and aggressive growth plans in line with our objective to meet the realty needs of a wide spectrum of ambitious real estate buyers with a realistic and practical approach and have recently ventured into the retail segment.

Our focus is on meeting expectations of all our clients and people, to strive in creating benchmarks in the real estate category through development and procure the belief of our customers by providing finedesigns, modern architecture and quality. In all our works, there is one defining quality. It's what we call an intolerance for everything but the superlative. It is this defining quality that we put to work when we set out to create PurpleBrick into a worthy brand. Whether it be superlative locations, conceiving our superlative promises, breathing life into our projects or in thinking through every one of its superlative amenities. But most of all, this defining quality is created to match your taste for nothing but the option most suited for you.

Kindly Note: INSilo Properties LLP is a Purplebrick group firm